Denied for a FHA loan because of Credit Score.

Getting denied for a mortgage can be humiliating but there is life afterwards. If your credit score is too low because of the current restrictions in the lending industry, I can tell you what you need to do. In this article I will give some tips in regards to better preparing yourself for a mortgage when you credit report may not look too good. With FHA being the most attractive loan in this market, here are some key points lenders are looking for.

• 580 middle credit score
• 12 months clean credit report history
• No foreclosures during the last 3 years
• No Chapter 7 bankruptcies during the last 2 years.
• Must have 2 year work history
• Must have provable income with either two years w2’s or two years tax returns with provable income on Schedule C of tax return.
• Must meet max FHA loan limits in your area. Go here.
• Underwriters look at 24 month credit report history with most infuses on the last 12 months. So make sure your credit report does not look like you have had total disregard for your obligations.
• Good 12 month rental history
• 3 lines of good credit reporting on your credit report for the last 12 months. Alternate lines of credit will work. Example: Letter stating you have been on time with any of your utility bills, car insurance, internet bill, etc…….. for the last 12 months as well.
• Save at least 3% of the amount of house you are buying.

These are some key points to getting a FHA mortgage loan in today’s market. If you credit scores are low, here are some key tips to increase your credit score.

• Make sure you have at least 3 lines of credit reporting on your credit report. These lines of credit should be at least 2 credit cards, and maybe a car note.
• Keep your credit balances below 30% of allowed credit limit
• Don’t be late on anything
• Remove any information that has expired, or is inaccurate.

If you follow this simple process you will be buying a house before you know it. If you don’t know what is on your free credit score report find out today !

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