Remove Judgement Q & A

Hi Mike I was wondering if it is possible to get a judgement removed that is 6 years old ? I believe this judgement is dragging down my credit score. Even though the courts say I have to pay, I dont agree with this debt.
Laura Tylor

Hi Laura,
Its looks like you are real close to the 7 year rule on judgements. Judements stay on your credit report 7 years from file date. So if you wait one more year, it should be removed from each credit bureaus. If it does not get removed, you can use our free dispute process under our resource tab on our site. is the one of the most unique on-line resources for free credit score report, fico score, free credit check, identity theft protection, secured credit cards, student credit cards , credit cards, mortgage loans, auto loans, insurance, debt consolidation ,and a BlOG with a wealth of personal credit information. The information within this website is written by professionals that know about credit, and what determines ones credit worthiness.

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