Who cares if I am Politically correct, your credit stinks!!!

What is going on in our country? We don’t want to offend anyone, or say anything that might hurt someone’s feelings. Wow, so I guess if you are wrong that is ok. I BEG to DIFFER. I think we need to spread the word that if you are wrong, then you are WRONG. I am not really concerned what everyone else thinks, the only person that really matters is what GOD thinks, not some politically correct person.

Let’s face the facts, when you are wrong about something it needs to be known. Whether it’s in regards to finance, political views, religion or just shop talk. There are right ways and wrong ways to doing things.

I wanted to take my real approach to views about what is really going on. I would like to call it the Back to Basics show. If you ever have a chance, listen to Mark Levin. This guy takes the correct approach to saving our Constitution, and telling the FACTS about what is really going on in our country.

Whether your credit stinks, or your political views are radical, I will tell you what is right.

Since my site is mainly about credit and finance, I will stick with the general content and topic of this article. If you currently are not RICH, your credit is more important than ever. I cannot imagine what your life will be like if you need a loan and cannot get one. With the lending institutions increasing credit score requirements and qualifications rules, you can count on your life being extremely tough with challenged credit. So the question is what do you do about it? Within my site I have all kinds of articles about what you need to do to manage your credit, or fix it. I get e-mails daily from people all around the U.S. thanking me for writing about the FACTS. You can go the http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/edu/pubs/consumer/credit/cre13.shtm and see that SELF Help credit repair is the recommendation by your own government. This should tell you something. There is no quick fix to getting your credit report cleaned up. Don’t fall prey to quick fix credit repair schemes. Use our site to help yourself out. I should know since I am a lender and help people out all the time that will listen. Search within our blog and find the article that fits your circumstances.

For once I am not going to be politically correct within my blog. So the point is, “If your credit stinks do something about it.” Don’t depend on some credit repair scam. This information provided today is for your own good. I don’t make any money by educating someone on how to repair their own credit report. I thought I would mention this. There are rules and steps you need to take in order to clean your mess up. Once these steps are understood teach them to your children. Help them; teach them to be responsible for their tomorrow.

In this country we have many freedoms. One of our freedoms is the pursuit of happiness. Now, how we get to this happiness is by what we feel is right and we seem to not follow good advice if the advice requires some effort. Repairing your credit requires effort on your part.

Author: Mike Clover
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