Bailout Regulation and Executive Woes.

It’s about time that our government got involved with the excessive spending of Executives, after the US treasury bailed them out. In my opinion it is very distasteful that these executives are still living the lives they are after all the turmoil in our financial market. I still blame government for the deregulation, which is primarily the Republicans parties fault. They are the ones that pushed for deregulation, and guess what that did to our banking system? Well, by now you can figure that out just by watching TV or reading the local news paper.

Greed is mainly the problem, I don’t care where you graduated from and what your GPA was, no one is worth what these CEO’s and executives are getting paid. I am sure you have heard these big investment bankers saying they are concerned about scouting talent with the “new cap” on income for companies that the government bailed out. The cap will be $500,000 a year. Hmmmmmm I guess I could live on that, if I did not have a yaught, 3 mansions and a Ferrari.

I think our country needs a real wake up call; we are extremely spoiled and blessed at the same time. Being in lending I have learned that money brings out the worst in people. Where there is lots of money, there is lots of GREED.

Even though I did not vote for Obama, I am impressed with what he is doing. I believe he is in the right direction on some matters, especially when it comes to politics in Washington.

Credit has never been more important these days, and hopefully the American people will just be happy with what they have. You never know, “when what you currently have” “might end up being what you had.”

So with all of this being said, make sure you are saving your money, staying on top of your credit. This might even be a great opportunity to learn a new trade through your local college. As markets that are hot change over time, there will always be new hot ones. I would have to say the next hot market will be the web.

Just make sure once you make it to the top that you are not like the rest of greedy America, be very thankful for what you have. your resource for free credit reports, credit cards, loans, and free credit repair advice.

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