Fair Isaac’s FICO score 08 will restore Authorized user accounts.

This is great news, due to the fraud in the credit repair industry; credit repair companies were buying authorized user accounts to boost their client’s fico scores during the credit repair process. Fair Isaac found out and put an end to allowing authorized user accounts improve your over all credit score. The problem with this move was there are over 50 million legitimate authorized credit card users. With the new FICO 08 this could potentially bring the fico scores down for those legitimate account holders.

Scientists with FICO released news today that they have discovered a way to restore authorized user accounts to the calculation of FICO 08 credit scores while materially reducing the impact to the credit score tampering.

This technology breakthrough resolves an industry problem that has perplexed lenders and concerned banks. Fair Isaac states that they have developed technology that will reduce any impact on the FICO 08 score from intentional tampering, while allowing the scores of spouses and other genuine authorized users to benefit from their shared credit history.

This new technology rollout should be done within a couple of weeks. Fair Isaac stated they are working with the credit bureaus closely to bring FICO score 08 to the public soon.

This is good news; because the way it was would affect a lot of people. Potentially with the older FICO 08, you would be penalized for being an authorized user on a credit card. With this new roll out, it will help those that legitimately are authorized users.


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