Two credit scores only Q & A

Hi Mike,
I have some questions for you about my credit scores. I recently pulled my credit report and noticed I only had two credit scores. One of the credit bureaus said n/a. I currently don’t have any credit cards or any outstanding loans. Most of everything I had went to collections years ago. I am just curious why the other two credit bureaus have credit scores and Equifax does not. Thanks for your help

Susie Jules

Hi Susie,
There are several reasons why you may not have a credit score with Equifax. Based on what you told me it appears that you don’t have any current credit revolving on your credit report. You are stilled getting scored with the other two credit bureaus because of old credit. Some of the creditors may have stopped reporting to Equifax due to no activity. If you want credit scores with all three credit agencies I would recommend opening some new credit cards. Once you have a bout 6 months of good payment history you should have credit scores with each credit bureau. To have better credit scores it would not hurt to have a mix of credit, like auto loans, mortgage loans, and credit cards. All of this is part of the credit scoring process.

Mike Clover

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