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As part of a continuing credit education program, offers consumers tips on how to minimize credit risk and repair credit history in their online blog.

(PRWEB) July 24, 2008 —, created by a professional lender, recently introduced a series of articles dedicated to helping consumers learn how to repair their credit histories and lower credit risk, absolutely free of charge, through an online blog at Recent topics in the blog include:
* Rental and foreclosure collections and what it means in today’s housing market.
* How consumers can determine their credit score at no cost and what it means for their financial planning.
* How to avoid, or recover from, financial identity theft.

Before the recent housing crunch and increasing foreclosure rates, many consumers were unconcerned about their negative credit history, and banks were eager to get loans approved for customers. In order to receive quick loan approval, customers with negative credit histories were ripe for credit repair company’s assistance. According to owner, Mike Clover, “During the real estate boom, credit repair companies were beating down my door for clients that needed credit restoration. We tried all kinds of companies who stated that they could help our clients out.”

Over time, Clover realized these companies were not doing anything except taking clients money. The fees these so-called credit repair companies charged consumers averaged $1,000 or more. “Being lenders during this extremely busy time, we did not have the time to repair our client’s credit reports, so we outsourced it. After exhausting just about every credit repair company in town, we decided to start directly helping clients repair their credit through our new company,,” says Clover.

“We knew what needed to be done to help out individuals and families who were facing financial trouble so we started posting how to repair your credit articles on our Web site blog,” continues Clover. “Since we had first-hand experience in how to really fix credit reports, we decided to post our first hand experience on the web for free.”

When it comes to learning about credit and making sound financial decisions, may consumers find themselves buried in confusing information that doesn’t make sense, or even contradicts information from other sources. “We found that most people had fallen prey to credit repair scams because they were desperate for help,” Clover says. “Credit repair is just better money management education, and education on what affects your credit worthiness.”

According to, no one can completely remove a debt they owe from their credit report. Many people have heard the “100 percent removal” sales pitch from credit repair companies so many times, that they truly believe it. But then they find out it is just a sales pitch designed to get them to register and spend anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000.

The results have been documented all over the Web announcing credit repair companies facing investigation and possible fines by the FTC and the Better Business Bureaus for not delivering what they promised.

So took the liberty to show people what it takes to repair their credit report themselves. As part of their ongoing credit repair education series, has begun posting better credit management education articles in a series of daily blogs. “Our top priority is to show the American people how important it is to mange your credit so you don’t get in financial trouble. If you have found yourself in trouble with your credit, you can repair your credit report through our site absolutely free, with no strings attached,” states Clover.

For additional information on repairing credit, e-mail and they will respond to questions within 24 hours with a post on their company blog. offers a full range of credit tools for consumers who wish to lower their credit risk including personal loan and mortgage applications, free credit reports, credit monitoring and identity theft protection.

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