How immigrants can build credit

If you are new to the United States because you just arrived from another country, welcome. In this article I wanted to discuss how you can establish credit as a new citizen of the United States. People from all over the world come to the US to pursue the American dream. Some come here to study and then go back to their country. What every your situation is, as long as you have a social security number I can help you establish credit scores. When arriving to America the first thing you need to do is get your credit established. Here are tips to get this going.

Rental & Utilities
I would hope by now you have a job, so you can show someone that you are paying some sort of rent. Rental is part of the credit building process. Credit Card companies and banks want to see that you are paying rent to someone. This also allows you to get your utilities in your name. Paying your light bill, electric bill, and phone bills are part of the credit building process. Make sure you pay all these bills on-time.

Work History
Make sure you have work history. Obviously if you are applying for some type of credit the creditor wants to see that you are working to pay back any debt owed.

Open a checking account
Having a checking account is a standard question on loan applications. This shows the creditor you might be responsible with you money.

Open a savings account
Having a savings account shows that you have the ability to save incase a emergency should arrive. Most creditors like to see this in place.

Apply for a secured credit card
There is no quicker way to establish credit scores than with a secured credit card. These types of cards require a deposit by you in designated account by the card issuer. Typically the balanced required by you is anywhere between $250 and $350. Once you have secured a credit card, this begins the credit building process on your credit report. Typically I recommend 2 cards to get the credit score building process underway.

Student Credit Cards
If you are here studying you should apply for a student credit card also. This card is much easier to get if you are in college. This card does not require a deposit, but is considered a sub-prime card with higher interest rates. This card is a great way to get your credit established as well.

After six months of paying on a couple credit cards with no late payments you will be scored on your credit report. You might also consider getting a small car loan as well. The credit scoring process likes to see a mix of credit reporting on your credit report. This process mentioned will get your credit underway fairly quickly. Remember to be responsible with your new credit and never be late on anything.

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