Paying off Collections Q & A

Hello Mike,
I have some questions about collections. I have not pulled my free credit report yet, but I know that I have collections on there. I have had some financial problems in the past due to medical issues. I have read that you should not pay off your collections; it will drop your credit score. The collections I have are about 2 years old. Do you recommend I pay them off, or leave them be? I plan on buying a home within the next year or so.

Leslie Lerner
Denver, Colorado

Hi Leslie,
This is a great question. Collections can be tricky; usually credit repair companies will tell you not to pay off collections. The reason for this is they are obviously in sales, would be my opinion. I have helped people get there credit scores up for years so I could finance them, by having them pay off the most recent collections. When you pay off collections on a credit report it could go two ways. Your credit scores could temporally drop, but most of the time your credit scores will increase. For long term credit repair I recommend always to pay off collections. It is important to ask the collection agency to give you a letter to delete from all 3 credit bureaus. This will remove the collection from your credit record as if it were never there. Some collection agencies will only give you a letter showing paid or settled. It does not hurt to ask though, because sometimes they will give you a letter to delete the history from the credit bureaus.

Mike Clover

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  1. Kaisha says:

    I have a few things on my credit. Mostly medical bills. The most recent is two years old. My husband is filing ch. 7 and I am wondering if it is best that I pay off these debts and how long until I could begin to build my credit?(Im young and had debts on my credit before I could ever build it)Or if I should let them hang out for the seven year period and try to work on it then or should I file with my husband? I ask because I am a stay at home mom with no income yet and I dont know the quickest way to get my credit score up to benefit us in the future when my husband has bankruptcy on his credit.Thanks

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