Reduce debt with Debt Consolidation Q & A

Debt consolidation is becoming the wave of the future currently. We are starting to get more and more questions about how to get out of debt. We have partnered with a company that provides a unique approach called debt elimination. This company is based here in Texas with us. CreditSolutions is the name and they have received a very powerful award by JD Power & Associates for customer service.

Credit Solutions of America, Inc.

Hi Mike,
I am self employed and have accumulated $75,000 in consumer debt, mainly because of this downturn in the economy. I own a company where I was providing handy man work for realtors in the California area. With the current market in California, my cash flow has almost come to a stop. What would you suggest I do? I have run through my savings, and cannot pay this debt currently.
Johnny Carbelo

Hi Johnny,
We have definitely seen the issues in California, and how it’s affecting people in that state. If you don’t have income coming in to pay the debt, you definitely need to look at your options. I work with a company that provides debt consolidation of a different kind. In other words they provide a service they like to call debt elimination. This would be my first step in trying to resolve your debt issues. These guys can get you out of debt within 36 months. Go to our link on the front of our website and select the get out of debt link.

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  1. Sofia Kim says:

    No matter what type of debt you have accumulated, there are debt consolidation management programs out there that will provide you with the perfect solution to your problem. Thanks for the article!

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