Credit Score lowered by Closing Credit Cards

Most educated consumers know about there FICO scores. That magical three digit number that lenders use to determine your credit risk. CreditScoreQuick has published here, an article about what determines your credit score. Many still wonder if closing credit cards or applying for a new credit card will affect their credit score.

Most consumers typically don’t know about the affects of doing what was mentioned, until it’s too late or by trial and error. In this article we want to make sure you know the affects of canceling good credit and opening too much credit too soon.

Canceling good credit cards
This is a mistake a lot of people make, and that is closing good credit card accounts. There is a misconception out there that when you close a credit card you loose your credit history with that card. This simply is not true. That history will be on your credit report for 7 years. Now there will not be any new credit history, and you also closed down a perfectly good line of credit which could lower your credit score. Fico likes to see a mix of credit, so if this was your only credit card, it more than likely hurt your scores as well.

Opening too much credit
Having too much credit does not hurt your credit score. Applying for a bunch of credit does hurt your fico scores. So for example, if you apply for a car, furniture loan, mortgage, and new credit cards all at once, you score will be lowered as a result. The fico score model sees too much credit too soon as a risk to the creditors. That is why your scores get dinged for it. Now if you are applying for a mortgage, the fico score model allows you to shop for a mortgage within a 30 day window, so fair Isaac’s scoring method allows you to shop your mortgage rate. This shopping within a 30 day window according to FICO counts as one inquiry.

So if you are getting ready to make a purchase and think you may have lowered your credit scores because of too many credit applications, go ahead and get a copy of your free credit score report to see where you stand.

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