Tips to avoid Debt Consolidation and Bankruptcy

High debt will not only affect your credit report but it will affect your personal life. Living debt free does require some life style changes for the better. Having too much consumer debt is like a black cloud lingering over you. In this article we will discuss some money saving tips so you don’t have to get into a debt consolidation program or even file bankruptcy. By following some of these money saving Tips you will be able to pay down debt and save more.

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• Car Pool
With the cost of gas prices sky rocketing and no end in sight, car pooling is a great way to save hundreds of dollars each month. Find a few people that live close by and start car pooling.

• Bulk Stores
There are stores where you buy everything in bulk, like groceries, furniture, computers, etc…. By using one of these stores there is usally a membership fee once a year, but the savings will quickly recoup that cost. A bulk store example would be Sams and Costco.

• Don’t eat out
Going out to eat everyday for lunch gets very costly. If you were to bring your lunch to work everyday, could save you hundreds a month. Alos not eating out everyday will not only save you lots of money, but it could save your health. Fast food is bad for you anyways.

• Coupons
By cutting out coupons in the Sunday paper you can save a ton of money. Some stores will match or beat competitor’s offers as well. Just by taking the time to cut out coupons in the Sunday paper, you could find yourself saving hundreds as well.

• Garage Sale
If you are like most people I am sure you have the pack rat syndrome. With all that STUFF you have been saving, you could probably have a garage sale and acquire a nice savings.

• Utilities
You can save money with on utility bills by doing the following
1. Turn down the heat
2. Turn up the air condition
3. Turn off lights and TVs when not using them.
4. Turn of the water when shaving and brushing your teeth

With your credit being so important these days, make sure you are heading towards the wonderful goal of financial freedom. It will be hard to get there if you are not being frugal.

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