Does paying off Collection accounts help my Credit Score?

We all know credit scores are pretty much the ticket to a lot of things these days. This is a question that has two sides to it. Over the years most credit repair companies will tell you not to pay off collection accounts because it gives an updated collection to the credit bureaus. I will be the first to tell you, that if it’s a new collection you are better off settling on the collection and asking for a letter to delete from all 3 credit bureaus. There is also a trick of the lender community, where we ask you to pay off a collection and get a a letter from the creditor reporting the collection, Once you provide the letter we go to our credit reporting company and do what is called a rapid rescore. What this entails is we get the credit bureaus to update the status of a collection from balance being owed to “paid in full” or “settled” depending on what was negotiated.

Once a collection is updated here is what typically happens.
1. Your score will increase depending on how many accounts you paid off
2. The status of the account will change
3. Balance being owed will be $0

So the answer is yes typically when you pay off collection accounts your credit score will increase. We have been doing this for years, and it works. The reason is you are changing the status of the account from balanced owed to either settled or paid in full. This is the secret that most don’t know. Why do credit repair companies tell you not to pay off collections, I personally believe it’s because they don’t have access to do rapid rescore process like mortgage companies do.

In some cases when you pay off collections your credit score could drop, but will eventually go up. There is no miracle when it comes to repairing your credit report, it is always better to pay off your debts you owe though. Typically when you pay off a collection your credit scores will increase. Just remember as you are working on paying off old bad debt make sure you are not late on anything. If you are late on a obligation that reports to your credit report, you are defeating the entire purpose of increasing your credit scores. Late payments will drop your credit score between 100 to 150 points.

If you are uncertain what is on your credit report go ahead and get a copy of your credit report Today.

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