First Time Home Buyer – Tips & Faqs

If you are a first time home buyer, you more than likely don’t know what the process is. Most first time home buyers rely on a real estate agent to guide them a long. Here is the advice and tips that will make your home buying experience a good one.

First Step:
1. Find out what you qualify for. This is the most important part of the home buying process whether you are a first time home buyer, or someone upgrading to a bigger home. We know that getting the approval process done first is not as fun as looking at homes. But you could be wasting your time and everyone involved by not getting your finances in place first. I would recommend getting a current copy of your credit report with scores before calling a lender. Make sure you know your credit situation, so you are an educated home buyer.

Second Step:
2. Find a seasoned realtor that knows what they are doing. There are too many realtors in the real estate business that don’t have a clue when trying to find you a home. I would get a recommendation from you lender. They typically know who will get the job done for you. You don’t have to buy a home with a realtor that works for some big name brokerage. There are plenty of good realtors that work for small companies as well. Do some research?

Third Step:
3. Once you have secured financing with a reputable lender and have found a seasoned realtor, then you are ready to start the looking process. If a realtor takes you out and only wants to show you 4 to 5 homes and that is it, this is a sign that all they are interested in is a commission check. This is the biggest purchase of your life, it usually takes all day to look at homes and then make a decision. In some instances there may only be 4 to 5 homes to look because that is all that is available that meets your criteria. I am sure you get the idea though.

Fourth Step:
4. Close on your new home. Hopefully you have made the right decisions and got reputable and honest real estate professionals to make it happen for you.
Conclusion: Make sure you can buy first, and what type of loan you qualify for. This is essential so you will not be disappointed. You should also have selected seasoned and professional real estate service providers. Remember you are relying on real estate professionals to help you make the biggest purchase of your life.

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