Don’t be Booed by your Credit Report…..

Halloween is tomorrow and I personally think it’s such a wonderful time of the year. It’s not too hot or too cold. The trees are changing different colors of orange, yellow and red. Everyone has their pumpkins out in the front lawn and the kids are geared up for the candy they will receive from trick or treating.

It’s time to start reflecting on what you have accomplished this year and to set new goals for the upcoming year. October is a great time to start assessing your budget and your credit scores. Our website is in the process of creating free budgeting and investment software that you simply just plug in the numbers. This new software that we are creating will display easy to understand graphs to show where your money is going and how much you could potentially save. So stay tuned for this easy to use free budgeting software.

In regards to your credit check, under the (FACTA) Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of December 4, 2003 you are entitled to a free credit report every 12 months from with each of the national credit bureaus. Now this free government website does not provide your credit scores for free, but you can get your credit report with each credit bureau to check for any issues. If you are interested in getting your consumer credit scores you can buy them through the government site as well.

Hopefully when you pull your credit report you will not be frightened by the credit report goblin or credit score monster. When you don’t stay on top of your credit those little credit goblins can show up on your report.

This is a common problem that can be avoided with better credit management. According to the Federal Reserve roughly 79% of credit reports have inaccuracies on them. So don’t hesitate and take the Halloween plunge… Get your free credit report today. Also make sure you set down tonight and make a budget. Sometimes overspending or a lack of budgeting can cause those little credit monsters to show up on your report.

I wish everyone a Happy Halloween and encourage everyone to avoid those dreadful credit goblins with better credit awareness. Avoid getting credit booed!

Author: Mike Clover

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