Medical Bill Negotiation Q & A


I have a question regarding a credit issue and hospital bills. I had a very bad allergic and went to the hospital. I was there about 4 hours and received two seperate bills as usual. I don’t have insurance anymore from losing my job like so many others during these times. So ultimately I have a problem paying an outlandish amount of money at once or even in a few months, which 12 is the max apparently anyhow. For the doctors portion I made an agreement to pay 95 dollars a month, and the hosptal emergancy room one would only offer me 12 months as well at 340 dollars a month which I can not in any way come up with that kind of money. I explained that and she very much expressed her lack of concern. OK, however I did send in money, I told her I would try to send between fifty and hundred dollars a month and she told me she would still send me to collections. Now I did send money like I said and unlike other companies who will send a follow up statement or something, I have not received another bill in three months. I don’t understand why and I would like to know if my credit will be ruined now, and you probably won’t know or be allowed to answer, however is that legal for them to do? I have worked hard to get my credit back up and have not been late on a payment since 2003, if you could also lead me in a direction that might help me better understand my rights and possibly fight to keep what I have worked so hard to get. Thank you for your time.

Hi William, this is a common problem with medical obligations. I would call back that emergency room to talk to a manager, to see if they will accept a lower monthly payment. It is unusual that they will not negotiate a lower monthly agreement. If for some reason they will not work with you, yes a medical collection will drop your credit scores. Any collection typically will drop your score around 100 points or so. There is really nothing legally you can do other than pay the the bill since you excepted medial treatment. If I understand your question about the emergency room visit, you sent some money in, not sure if it was the amount requested by the hospital or not. If you just sent in some money, I would assume the money you sent was based on a agreement. If the money that was sent was not based on a agreement, then they probably sent your bill to collection.

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