Remove Judgement from credit report question.

I found out that I had a judgment on my report by pulling one. The courts did not notify me or the Marshall. I am the one who found out. I immediately called the court and was given a number to call the Marshall. I did call the Marshall and we worked out an agreement. I have been paying since them. How can I get the judgment removed from my file? Also my credit reports that the amount owed is now 596 and the law office is indicating 906. Neither the Marshall or the lawyer can explain two different amounts and indicates that it is court fees.

Hi Andrea,
A judgment does not come off your credit report for 7 years from file date. So once you have paid the judgment it will be on your credit report for seven years. Now if the court will give you a letter to delete from all three credit bureaus, then you can send that letter to the bureaus to get all information removed.Whom ever is reporting the information would have the reason for the increased owed amount on your credit report.

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