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Hi Mike,
I have some questions about leases with apartment complexes. My husband and I are in a lease currently that is up in 5 months. We just ran across an opportunity on a house that we cannot let go. The apartment complex will not let us out of our lease; they said we would have to pay almost $7,000 in fees to break the lease. We have excellent credit and fill like this is absurd. I told them they could easily rent it out again. My question is if I let the lease go and not pay the money will it go on our credit report. I don’t want anything to affect our good credit history. My husband and I have credit scores in the 700’s according the lender that has approved us. Any suggesting would be greatly appreciated.

Tanya Riddle

Hi Tanya,
I personally think apartment complexes can be a thorn in your side. But on the flip side they need some kind of commitment from people as well. I do though completely understand your situation. If your break your lease, two things will happen. First the rest of the lease plus fees will be reported on your credit report. Also when you start the loan process the underwriter will need to verify good rental history, usually for 12 months. The apartment complex will state that you are breaking a lease. So my advice would be either pay it off, or finish out your lease. Also in the long run you will pay for it, and so will your good credit scores.

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