How a Recession can be good for you.

With all the talk about a recession and the negative press about credit reports, credit scores, saving money and high gas prices there are actually some good out of all of this. During the Reagan years was the last time we experience an economic down turn. Here are some positive sides to the entire deal.

Eating Dinner with family
With the rise in gas and food fewer families are going out to eat. This is a perfect time for families to do what they should have been doing all along. I personally thing we are all spoiled and spend way too much money on STUFF that is not important. Sometimes for us to come to reality with how fortunate we are, it takes times like these to look back on what is really important. Your family and setting down with them at the dinner table.

Less people in line for gas
Not too long ago the gas stations where storming with people in all sorts of vehicles. Now you can go to the gas stating and not worry about a crowd.

Fewer advertisements in the mail
With creditors tightening up on your requirement to give out credit, you can rest assure you will not see as much credit offers in the mail. Over the years I am sure you mailbox was stuffed with credit card offers and low interest rate mortgages. You can count on that dissipating.

More Discounts
With sales being down just about with every company, you can count on coupons to entice you to buy. I may not be a bad idea to get a paper, and start clipping, you would be surprised how much you can save with coupons.

Save on Gas
Now that we are being forced to watch our pennies, public transportation may not look all that bad. Maybe car pooling with fellow co-worker would be a option.

Good deals on cars
Since gas prices have increased so much, gas is almost 40% higher in 2008; you can expect great deals on cars. SUV’s sales prices dropped dramatically once we hit $3.50 a gallon.

These are some positive sides to a possible recession. The one thing we need to remember is what is really important, and that is family. With the decrease in the flow of extra money this is a perfect time to hang out with family and have bar-b-q.

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