Employment Credit Checks- Who’s Looking?

Maybe you are out of work like many other Americans. Reports claim that un-employment is up, and then they claim it’s down. Regardless of this debacle of current employment information, one thing is for sure. There are lots of people across the country out of work. This means when you are looking for a job it’s more competitive. With a credit report coming into play during the hiring process it’s imperative that your report does not show patterns of irresponsibility.

According to the Society of Human Resource Management nearly 60 percent of employers check your credit now.

Typically a credit check is done by employers hiring people that handle money. In some cases employers will check your credit to profile you. This means they are looking at your history and whether this history show’s poor character that would affect work ethic.

Your credit report also shows your work history. There is evidence that 40 – 50% of applicants lie on their resume whether they be white lies or whoppers. So you can see why employers need verification of everything, hence a credit report provides some of this leg work.

So in a nutshell it’s really not worth allowing your credit to go down the toilet. With your credit being a ticket to most things these days, such as employment, better rates & terms on loans, insurance, and bottom line savings it’s apparent to be aware of what is on your report.

You never know when your current employer may give you the pink slip….. When this happens at least you know where you stand with your credit. If your credit is in the toilet like mentioned you will be better prepared to fix any issues on your report.

I can understand why employers look at your credit. Its makes sense to me. Imagine that you are looking at two applicants, both with the same backgrounds. After reviewing both applicant profiles, you discover that one particular applicant has a history of credit issues. Who would you hire?

So its no secret that your credit is a factor these days with just about everything you do. If you have not checked your credit lately under the (FCRA) Fair Credit Reporting ACT you get access to your free credit report from Experian, Equifax and TransUnion once a year.

Be prepared you never know what’s around the corner.


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