Holiday Shopping Season Could Mean More Customers Buying on Credit

Each and every year many Americans “claim” that they are not going to buy Christmas gifts with their credit card but it seems to be the case that customers find a way to resort to the plastic.  Before the holiday shopping season gets into full swing it might be a very good idea to make certain that a credit report is completely free of errors.

With a growing number of American consumers already thinking about Best Buy Black Friday sales it comes as no surprise to see these same individuals attempting to save money in any way possible.  While waiting until Black Friday to save on Christmas gifts is one way to cut back on spending this holiday season another is to create a very good budget.  Sticking to this budget might be a whole different story.

If customers plan on buying on credit then it would be smart to access the free annual credit report that is available from the government.  The link to the website that is sponsored by the FTC is  By making certain that this credit report is completely accurate many customers could save a great deal in the form of lower interest rates on those credit cards.  Before going out and grabbing those 2010 Christmas gift ideas it would be wise to budget and make sure a credit report is accurate.

Remember that the free annual credit report does not include a free credit score.  To obtain a credit score it will likely cost between $10 and $30.  There are some websites that offer a free credit score with the purchase of a membership or other financial service.  Sometimes it is best to just fork over the extra money and get the accurate credit score.

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