Paying off Collections Q & A


I am in the process of cleaning up my credit so I can get a mortgage. My credit score was 569 on 9/11/10 and I have since had a judgment removed that was dismissed. Now my as of 7/23 my score has DROPPED 15 points! Nothing else has changed, if anything it has improved. Why the sudden 15 point drop because I had a judgment removed?


Gainsville, Florida


“No one item on a credit report is worth a fixed amount of points in your score.  The impression many people have is that when a negative item is removed that the score will improve.  That’s not consistent with how credit scoring systems work.  The removal of that one item means other negative items will change in their impact to your score, and in your case the result seems to be a lower score.”

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  1. There are lots of things that could be going on with a credit score moving it up and down. What else was happening when the judgment was removed?

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