FTC sends warnings to following sites about Free Credit Report offers.

The FTC warned the following sites that they are in violation of improper disclosure of the FACT that Free Credit Reports are available at www.annualcreditreport.com with no strings attached. On April 2, 2010 this new FTC law went into affect. The new law states that any site offering a free credit report offer, must properly disclose at the top of the site where to go under law to get your free credit report.

Companies in Violation

Company Name Website
National Credit Report.Com LLC NationalCreditReport.com
Quinstreet, Inc. FreeCreditReport4U.com
MyCreditCenter.Com, Inc. MyCreditCenter.com, 3CreditReport.com, OnlineFreeCreditReports.com
Vertrue, Inc. My3BureauCreditReport.com, FreeScore.com, Free3BureauCreditReport.com, FreeTripleCreditScore.com, FreeOnlineReportNow.com
ConsumerTrack, Inc. GoFreeCredit.com, FreeCredit-Reports.net, Free-Credit-Reports-Repair.com
ConsumerDirect, Inc. FreeCredit-Report.net, SmartCredit.com
Mighty Net, Inc. 3FreeCreditReportsUSA.com
Amie Nguyen AllFreeCreditReports.com
Amanda Raab FreeCreditReportsUSA.com

Some of these sites are being warned because of affiliate traffic. Affiliates are companies that push traffic to these companies for a commission. I talked to Jeff Barlett at ConsumerTrak and he confirmed my suspicions. Nether less the FTC is watching out for any violators to make sure the consumer is protected and aware of where to go for a free credit report.

You can go to:

http://www.ftc.gov/opa/2010/07/freecredit.shtm to read about this matter.

Author: Mike Clover


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