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By now you’ve seen plenty of information telling you to stay away from sites like because you can go to once a year and get your credit report online for free, with no obligation.

That is true. You can go to their site and get a copy of your credit report from TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian – and it is free. You don’t have to leave a credit card number, and you don’t have to come back later and cancel if you don’t want further service.

But… and here’s a big but… you won’t get your credit scores. And since most consumers have no idea how the items on their credit report affect their credit scores, all you’ll really know is if there’s a mistake you need to correct.

You’ll also be alerted to signs of identity theft, and that is a big plus.

We at decided to see just what really had to offer, so one of our staffers volunteered to go there and get her credit report online. She chose just one vendor and ordered her report.

But before she could access the report, she got a warning that her that the credit report alone wasn’t very useful and that she really should order her credit score before proceeding. If she acted right now, it would be hers for only $7.

She said “no thanks” and went forward. She did get a credit report, and it was nicely done and easy to understand. Before she left the site she was reminded of how important it is to monitor your credit report regularly, and was again urged to buy her scores.

Over the next couple of weeks she received numerous messages urging her to buy her credit scores, and urging her to sign up for credit monitoring, because looking at your credit scores once a year simply isn’t enough for good money management.

If you really do feel comfortable with seeing your credit report just once a year – and not having access to your credit scores – then by all means visit and get your free credit report online.

But if you’d like to know your credit scores as well, choose one of the offers at . If you don’t want to continue with credit monitoring and regular updates, all you have to do is cancel and you won’t be charged a dime.

Author: Marte Cliff your Credit News Resource.

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