Secured Credit Card vs. Subprime Credit Card Q & A


Hi my name is Linda M

I have a very low credit score, due to a few accounts going to collections. Right now I’m working with the collections company to pay the items off. From reading the articles on your site which are Great by the way. To rebuild credit get a credit card which would be the best type of card for someone with bad credit. Would it be a Secured Card or a Subprime Card and what is the difference between the two?


Hi Lina,

This is a great credit card question. The main difference in these cards is the approval process. Sub prime credit cards typically have credit requirements and will extend credit up to $500 to start with. Usually there fees are higher than secured credit cards. Secured Credit Cards do not extend credit to you, and require a deposit of $200 to $300 from you. Everyone gets approved for secured credit cards, not everyone will be approved for a Subprime credit card. I would recommend our secured credit card on our site under credit cards section.

Mike Clover

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