Tax Lien Q & A in a Community Property State


My wife didn’t pay a credit card that was in her name as an individual. She didn’t pay the bill and it went to collections. She avoided all attempts for collection and a judgment was issues against her in court.

Unfortunately for me we live in a community property state and the judgment reads….WIFE A as an individual and Husband as a community property. The judgment has been paid and I want it off my credit report. Since it was not mine to start how do I get it removed from MY personal report?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Bryan,
I find your issue very interesting. Typically a judgment filed against another person will not affect a spouses credit report unless you were part of the judgment. It does not matter if you are in a community property state, your social security number should not be attached to this judgment. I would re pull your credit report through our site by your self to see if it will show up. If you did a tri-merge credit report you may be getting the judgment mixed up with your wifes. Double check the judgment that was filed and make sure you were not part of the judgment. Otherwise I would dispute the credit bureau that is showing it on your credit report. Go here to dispute your credit report.

Mike Clover

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