Remove collections from credit report Q & A

Hi Mike,
I disputed my credit report through your site. I had some collections on my credit report that are over 7 years old. My question is how long does it normally take to remove the collection that is incorrect? This collection on my credit report is 9 years old, and is still reporting with Equifax credit bureau. This is very aggravating to me and I feel like the credit bureaus don’t stay on top of this stuff like they should. I just want it removed; I believe it is dragging down my credit score.

Shawn Matters

Hi Shawn,
This is a common issue with the credit bureaus. Yes, if there is a collection reporting on your credit report it is dragging down your credit score. Typically after you dispute the inaccuracy, the credit bureaus will remove it in about 30 days. Make sure you only dispute it once, because if you dispute it twice the credit bureaus will put you back in the 30 day window again from the date of dispute. So in essence it could take 60 days to resolve by disputing it twice.

Mike Clover

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