Free Credit Reports Without Credit Scores are Only Worth What You Paid

You’ll see plenty of companies on line, in the newspapers, on the radio, and on TV who are shouting out offers for their Free Credit Reports. And they are telling the truth – they’ll give you a credit report.

The trouble is, it won’t be worth the paper it’s printed on, because it won’t contain the number you need most to see: your credit score.

The folks who think they need to know all about your financial life will definitely look at the history portrayed in your credit report, but they also want your score. They don’t have the time or the expertise to weigh each segment of your financial history, so they count on the 3 major credit bureaus to tell them about your credit worthiness.

After all, when Bill Fair and Earl Isaac created the FICO scoring system, they’d been studying the statistics for years – figuring out what financial traits marked the difference between a good credit risk and a poor one. No system can predict the future with 100% accuracy, but their system predicts it well enough to cause almost everyone to rely on credit scores generated from it.

Who wants to know about your money management history? Seems like almost everyone:
• Mortgage companies
• Banks
• Car loan companies
• Credit Card Companies
• Credit Unions
• Department stores
• Potential employers
• Potential landlords
• Insurance Companies
• Cell phone companies
• Satellite Television providers
• And even your soon-to-be spouse!

Our finances used to be a private matter, and now almost everyone knows your business!

When you get your free “scoreless” credit report you’ll be able to see what has been reported about you, and you’ll be able to check for mistakes and signs of identity theft, but you still won’t know how a potential creditor views you. And you won’t know if you need to begin taking steps to rebuild poor credit.

But there’s a second reason why you need to know your own score. Sad to say, some potential creditors will ask if you know your score – and use that lack of knowledge against you if you don’t.

If you have a good score and don’t know it, those creditors can fool you into thinking your score is poor, giving them a reason to charge you higher interest. They make millions every year from people who simply don’t realize that they qualify for lower rates.

The good news is, when you request your free credit score reports from Credit Score, you’ll get all you need – including the scores you need to know.

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