Should you worry about your child’s credit report?

With identity theft becoming the biggest crime ever, identity thieves have figured who that the young and elderly are easy targets. These two types are easy victims because they typically are not checking there credit and they are not buying anything credit. With this going on it only makes sense to check your child or elderly family members credit reports often.

You have to remember the identity thieves are getting smarter and smarter with whom to go after. After all this is their profession. Current statistics show that less than 33% of the US population checks their credit report, and when they do there may be some unexpected surprises.

With all the banks going out of business banking will never be the same. No one wants to repeat what is currently taking place. So with your credit worthiness being very important, the last thing you want is love one dealing with is bad credit because of identity theft. I would allocate at least 30.00 per quarter to check you child’s or parents credit reports. You can also check their credit report once a year at, just be advised you don’t get your fico scores there. You will need to pay for them. So if you want to know there credit scores with each credit bureaus, you may consider a website that offers a 3-1 credit report with all 3 credit scores.

Having this piece of mind is really worth it. There are lots of skeptical people out there about his whole matter. They don’t do anything until it’s too late. If you are still not convinced check the FTC website. They discuss it everywhere since this problem is on epidemic proportions.

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