Credit Repair Q & A

Thanks Mike! Appreciate your reply. Are you familiar with the types of deals homeowners are making with lenders these days? Our next step will probably be to meet with a local RE attorney, but am curious what you’ve seen in your experience. Oh, and I would prefer to work with a for-profit repair specialist. I’ve read derogatory things about free agencies that actually represent creditors rather than those being counseled. What are your thoughts on that as well?

Appreciate your time!

Sometimes the banks will make a payment plan you can afford. I would call them and find out what your options are. For credit repair, our blog gives FREE credit repair advice. There is not need to pay anyone for credit repair. Being that I am a experience lender and help people all the time, I have put my experience based on FACTS within my Blog. There are all kinds of tips and Faqs on how to repair your credit. Let me know if you have anymore questions.

Mike Clover

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