Manage your credit and avoid pitfalls so you can retire

Everyone’s goal I believe is to have financial freedom. We all are striving to retire someday. There are some steps in life we need to take to get there. In this article I wanted to discuss some very important measures needed to get the security in place for you. There all kinds of caveats like identity theft, your credit scores, interest rates, and terms on loans that could interfere with you saving for the golden years. Learn how to proper manage these items so you can save and avoid pitfalls.

With the internet revolution buying stuff on the internet is pretty simple and secure these days. The access to your personal information may not be secure. There are some steps we need to take during this era so we don’t have issues. Remember the goal is to feel secure with our nice little nest egg.

Step 1: manage your free credit reports
The government has stepped in and required the credit bureaus to provide you with a free credit report once a year. Is this good enough? No, you need to pull your credit report at least every 4 months. That way if someone is using your credit or credit cards, you will find out before it’s too late.

Step 2: Set up credit report monitoring
While you are pulling your credit report make sure you set up credit monitoring. With identity theft being the biggest crime ever, you cannot afford to wonder whether someone is using your credit. There are too many opportunities for identity thieves to get your information. Protect yourself today.

Step 3: Don’t open e-mails you don’t recognize
While you are saving as much as you can the last thing you want is someone to send you an e-mail posing as your bank. If someone sends you an e-mail asking for personal information, immediately delete it. I would recommend installing spam software so you don’t get junk and identity theft e-mails.

Step 4: Manage your creditworthiness

If you implement the steps mentioned, you should be able to get the best rates and terms on loans. This in return will save you money in the long run. Saving money in the long run will allow you to save more money for retirement.

So this proper credit management is really a way of life these days. We have to stay on top of our credit just to make sure that we are not getting ripped of by identity thieves, and to make sure we don’t get charged high interest rates on money borrowed. By implementing all of this you are one step closer to enjoying the golden years.

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