Denied for credit card Q & A

Hello I have been trying to establish credit after a divorce my credit has been ruined. I have tried applying for different credit cards. I have been denied for all of them due to my credit score report. What do you guys recommend I do? I need a couple credit cards to get some credit going. I currently don’t have any credit at all. Most of my good credit went south during a nasty divorce.




Hi Lucy,
We are sorry to hear about the divorce. This type of history is all too common after divorces. If you have applied for un-secured credit cards and been denied then you must start out with secured credit cards. Secured credit cards are where you give the bank usually between $200 and $300 in a bank of there choice to secure the credit card. Secured credit cards are the quickest way to establish credit. After good history you will start getting all kinds of credit card offers in the mail.

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