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Hello Mike,
I have searched all over the web for credit reports with credit scores for free. One thing I have noticed is some sites sell credit reports with one score, and some with no scores at all. Where can I get a credit report with credit scores for free. I would prefer to get a score from each credit bureau. I am getting ready to buy a house and would like to know where I stand. Will this affect my credit score by pulling my report ?

Margarita Jiminez

Hi Margarita,
Great questions you are asking. There is only one site where you get your credit report for FREE, which is At this site you don’t get your credit scores. If you want your credit scores you have to pay for a score with each bureau. If you are getting ready to make a purchase you need to get all three of your credit scores to see where you stand. You can get your credit scores at our site with all 3 credit bureaus on a trial period. Most of our offers will give you all three credit scores. Pulling your consumer credit report does not affect your score at all. This type of credit pull is considered a soft pull according to my fico. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to e-mail us.

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