What Not To Do During Home Buying Process.

The home buying process can be tricky at times. There are definitely some things you need to avoid during this process. I have seen all kinds of nightmares because someone did not listen to their loan officer. I will give some you exactly what not do in this articles so your loan and credit score is not affected.

Late payments
During the home buying process make absolute sure you are not late on anything. If you have a late payment on anything that reports to your credit report your credit score will be affected. In return an underwriter will see this and your loan could be dead as a result. Late payments on any obligations that reports to your credit report will drop your score between 100 to 150 points. “Don’t be late on anything.”

Don’t buy anything on Credit
While you are going through the home buying process you don’t want to take on anymore debt, this could affect your loan. That means don’t go out and put furniture on credit for your new home until you have closed and funded on the loan. Don’t put anything on credit period.

Don’t co-sign on a loan for anyone
While you are in the process of getting a loan, don’t co-sign on any note. This could cause your loan to get denied. When you co-sign on a loan, then you are equally responsible for the new obligation. This could lower your credit score, and also cause income to debt ratio problems as well.

Don’t quit your JOB
Ok, you might think this is a joke, but we have actually had borrowers quit their job thinking we would not find out. Well, guess what we will. Don’t quit your job during the home buying process; underwriters do last minute job verifications before loan documents go out to the title company for a closing.

I hope this has been advice you got prior to doing any of the above. You could definitely have some major problems. Maybe you have not even started the loan process, and this will be good advice for you. What ever your situation is, make sure you are on top of your credit report and scores. Your credit scores could be affected by any of the topics discussed in the article.


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