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Free credit reports come in two varieties: The annual credit report you can get by visiting and the free credit reports that are offered as trial subscriptions to services offered by companies such as LifeLock and IDENTITY GUARD®

A free credit report from these companies will come complete with your credit scores, which is important if you are thinking of making a major purchase in the near future.

Along with the report and the credit scores, your free credit report will offer the reasons why your credit scores are not as high as they might be.

For instance, they may alert you to the fact that you’re carrying an excessively high balance as a percentage of your credit line on one card, while carrying other cards with no balance. Moving the balance could increase your credit scores.

Free credit reports have come under fire from some detractors because they are tied to ongoing credit monitoring that carries a monthly or annual fee. However, consumers who take the free credit report are under no obligation to accept the ongoing service.

The initial credit report with scores is free, and consumers are welcome to cancel the service immediately after receiving their reports.

The other free credit report is the one all consumers can get annually from You can request a report from one or all of the three credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.

These credit reports do not furnish credit scores for free, but if you accept the free credit report you’ll be given an opportunity to purchase your scores from each of the three credit bureaus.

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Free Credit Report

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