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Identity Guard Protection
Use Identity Guard to Get a Credit Score with data provided by all 3 Credit Bureaus and Credit Report Monitoring.
You're only seconds away from viewing your credit report and credit scores!  

• 3 Free Credit Scores
• Quarterly Credit Updates
• Credit Report Monitoring / Alerts
• Identity Monitoring

  • $1 Million ID Theft Insurance
• Internet Surveillance
• Lost Wallet Protection
• Personal ID Theft Response Team

Identity Guard credit report and score Identity Dashboard

  Monitoring Your Credit Score
Knowing your own credit score is not only essential information you should have for your life but can also be key in staying one step ahead of identity theft perpetrators. No doubt, having good credit is crucial to a more financially secure and healthy lifestyle.

Why Check Your Credit Report?
Make sure you don't have any strikes on your record that could prevent you from borrowing in the future. Checking your credit report can also help you watch out for possible signs of identity theft, fraud and some using your name or Social Security number.
  What Is A Good Credit Score?
Your financial activity is monitored and recorded by credit reporting bureaus to weigh your actions and assign you a grade, helping lenders, landlords, individuals and others decide the terms of agreements and decide if they are willing to do business with you.

Building A Good Credit History
Having a clean credit report and a high credit score may allow you to secure better loans, improve your employment opportunities and obtain more favorable interest rates. One of the best ways to begin building your credit history is to start small with a credit card.
Identity Guard checking your credit monitoring