Learn the “Correct” way to buy a home so it’s not a disaster.

Buying a home is the single biggest purchase you will ever make. Surely you want to make sure it s a smooth process. We are a society that likes to touch and feel. Kind of like trying to buy a car, you want to take it for a test spin before you buy. Unfortunately that is not the way it works in the real estate arena. You will find that most “seasoned real estate” professionals will not jump in their car to show you a home until you have secured financing with at reputable lender. With the current credit crunch and liquidity problems with banks, you better make darn sure you can secure financing. Even individuals with good credit are having issues getting financing secured. Here are the steps to follow:

Get Pre-Approved not Pre-qualified.
Getting pre-approved means you have a lender verify all documents to support the loan approval. Most lenders will run you loan through a automated engine. Once everything is verified and ran through either Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac engine you should be approved at that time.Pre-qualfied means that someone has taken your information over the phone and has not verified anything other than your credit report. This type of approval does not mean jack hill of beans.

Meet with your lender whom has approved you.
This is an important part of the process, so there is no misunderstanding on loan terms. Make sure you understand your payment interest rate etc………..

Find a reputable and seasoned Realtor.
Finding a seasoned reputable Realtor is so important; the reason is they need to understand the current market, and what to look out for on your behalf. A Realtor job is to look out for your best interest. Once you have been pre-approved, then the Realtor will have a better understand as too what type of negotiation process to start on a home.

This process is the best way to assure your home buying process is as smooth as possible. I am sure you hear of the nightmares out there, typically this is because the proper process in not followed. The end result is not good one. Lenders are looking at your credit scores very close now. Make sure before you start the process you pull a current copy of your credit report. That way you already have a idea where you stand.

Author: Mike Clover

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